Meet  Ashley Brinton

Ashley Brinton is a motivational keynote speaker, author, mom of two that are 17 months apart, dog mom, and master your mindset expert.

She’s also fun, dynamic, entertaining – and the no-stress speaker clients love to work with.

Professionally presented to over

120+ audiences

Spoken to over

20,000 students and educators

Published Author at the

age of 24

Chief of Staff

to the Founder of Crumbl

Helped build

100+ amazing brands

I'm  Ashley Brinton!

I'm passionate about helping people of all ages realize their potential and overcome their challenges by reaching higher!

At a very young age, I was told by teachers that I was bringing down the school average and that I wouldn't amount to much in life.

I was also diagnosed with a reading disability, which presented its own set of challenges. Despite these obstacles, I’ve never believed in the concept of “normal.”

I firmly believe that everyone’s journey is unique, and there’s no single definition of what it means to be “normal”.

Even though my reading level may not meet traditional standards, I’ve never let it define my potential or limit my aspirations.

I've come to understand that limitations only exist if we allow them to, and that with determination and the right mindset:

We can always reach higher than we think possible.

And while every message is custom to you and your audience, I want everyone to know that they can reach higher!

At 22, I became the Corporate Leadership Trainer for Crumbl Cookies, where I developed a comprehensive training program for franchise partners.

Over time, I played a key role in growing the training department from two to over 100 trainers, and the program I helped create is still in use today.

After completing this chapter, I transitioned to become the Executive Admin to Sawyer Hemsley, the Founder of Crumbl, and eventually took on the role of Chief of Staff.

In this role, we started Hemsley Ventures, a parent company with multiple subsidiaries, including Polar Bear Eats (A Diner), Rockhill Cheese Creamery (Artisan Cheese Company), a Ranch, and more.

In my role, I have been instrumental in developing, growing, starting, and running each of these businesses, working closely with our dedicated team.

I thrive as an expert brand builder, driving the creation, focus, & realization of ideas into tangible, successful projects.

I am great at giving your vision a voice.

I served as a State Officer for two years, and served as a National Officer my senior year.

There are only ten National Officers chosen for FCCLA around the whole nation each school year,

I was one of them that year!

CTSO’s (Career and Technical Student Organization) are in my blood.

In junior high when teachers told me I couldn’t do things, FCCLA was the group that believed in me. It changed my life and I want to help others find the same thing.

I started two organizations my first year of college, and was a CTSO State Officer coach for nine State Officer CTSO teams in four years around the nation.

I received the National Alumni Award for FCCLA in 2021.

I love the Career & Technical Education (CTE) world! 

As a Mompreneur,

I’ve embraced the exhilarating adventure of entrepreneurship while raising two children who are 17 months apart.

Balancing the joys of motherhood with the demands of running my own business has taught me invaluable lessons about perseverance, time management, and the boundless potential we possess when we set our minds to something.

Fun Facts

When I’m not on stage you can find me traveling the world with my husband, 2 year old daughter, and 1 year old son, sampling food at Costco, playing board games, or relaxing with the world’s cutest golden-doodle, Wiggles.